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When ordinary people need a lawyer
Whether you are buying or selling property, Attorney Eric Smith can assist you with closing your real estate transaction. When closing on a home purchase, an attorney can negotiate contract terms, prepare documents, examine the title records, and ensure that both parties understand and satisfy their legal requirements. Attorney Smith has practiced law since 2005, assisting clients in real estate matters such as drafting legal documents and even litigating disputes. The Law Office of Eric J. Smith serves clients in Dallas County, Johnson County, and Tarrant County, TX. If you want an experienced lawyer to assist you throughout the closing process, contact Eric Smith today. Either call (817) 860-2800 or fill out our online contact form to request more information or schedule an appointment. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and helping you close with ease.

How a Home Closing Attorney Can Help You

Unlike many states, Texas does not require an attorney to be present during the closing of a real estate transaction. However, it is helpful to both the buyer and seller to have a legal professional’s assistance for several reasons. In short, they make the closing process easier for everyone and ensure that both parties understand their contracts. They review documents to identify potential issues and explain complex language to their clients. These are just a few of the ways Attorney Eric Smith can assist you when closing on a home purchase:
  1. Examining the Title: Prior to closing, the attorney will search and examine the property’s title records. The purpose of this is to identify any unknown liens against the property, unpaid mortgages, and easements. If they find any potential issues, the lawyer will explain and deal with the problems before moving on with the closing.
  2. Deed Verification: The attorney will also verify that the deed is valid and that the seller is the true owner of the property.
  3. Negotiating Contract Terms: When representing a buyer in a real estate transaction, an attorney can potentially negotiate the terms of the closing contract.
  4. Reviewing & Explaining Documents: A lawyer will review and explain all documents related to the sale of the property including the deed, settlement statement, loan documents, and more. When representing a seller, an attorney focuses on preparing documents and ensuring everything is finalized properly.
  5. Handling Disputes: Occasionally, disputes occur during the process of the transaction. They can often be handled outside of court by negotiations, which a lawyer can be very helpful in assisting with. If a dispute can’t be settled outside of court, you can hire an attorney to represent you in litigation.

Hire a Property Closing Attorney that Knows Texas Law

Buying a home is a huge decision. For many people, it is the largest financial transaction they make in their lives. That’s why it’s important to completely understand the legal documents and processes involved with closing on a home. With years of experience practicing real estate law in the local area, you can count on Attorney Eric Smith’s knowledge. He provides dedicated one-on-one attention to every client, ensuring that they stay informed and comfortable throughout the process.

Consult with Attorney Eric Smith: Your Trusted Real Estate Closing Lawyer

Are you buying or selling a home in Dallas County, Johnson County, or Tarrant County, TX and want an attorney to help you throughout the process? Contact Eric Smith today in order to find out more about the legal services he provides to homebuyers and sellers in the local area. With the help of Attorney Smith, you can have confidence in closing your real estate transaction.

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When ordinary people need a lawyer


Attorney Eric J. Smith has been practicing law in Texas since 2005. He assists clients in the areas of probate, estate planning, family law, real estate closing, and small business entity formation. Attorney Smith prioritizes educating his clients, breaking down complex legal matters into the words that they can understand.
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